Hello everyone! Thank you for being interested in who am I ♥️

My name is Marija and I am Serbian girl living in crazy city Las Vegas (“crazy city” should be part of the name if you ask me), where party never stops- except when you stay at home and sew. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few years.

I was so happy with the things I’m making- that I decided to share that with the world via this beautiful little platform called Blog. I post something new every week, and honestly that’s my favorite day ♥️

I have a “real” job that I also enjoy doing, but I’m patiently waiting the day when the sewing will become the “real” thing.

Here you will see what I create by sewing (or any kind of DIY), with brief explanation: why, how and where. And if one person get inspired by it- that’s good enough for me ❤

I really really reaaally hope you enjoy!