DIY Tailors Ham

Hi friends ❤

Yesterday, I drove over a hundred miles in order to find one tailors ham. That means: two Jo-Ann, three Hobby Lobby and five Walmart stores… And guess what? Nooo tailors ham!

Eventually I had to face the fact that I will have to make it myself. Because when you get the “bug” to have something- you gotta get it now or you know… The earth just might open and swallow you.

And the fun fact: it was easier (and more fun) than I thought it would be! This is how you can make it too:

Draw your ham on a piece of paper, you can free-hand it or measure it. Mine is approx. 7″(18cm) wide and 9″(22cm) long.

Transfer your pattern on two pieces of fabric and add your seam allowance if you haven’t already. And make sure that the fabric you choose is from natural fiber- so it can resist the high heat (cotton/woven). I chose cotton twill in black & white, keeping it minimal.

Sew it but leave a little opening so you can stuff it. Also, it’s not a bad idea to double stitch it since we’re going to fill it up pretty tight.

And now… The stuffing. I prepared one old T-shirt and a yard of muslin… I ended up using all the muslin I had (only God knows how many yards was there) and like a maniac going through my stash grabbing anything that looked like cotton. So, I guess my point is- be ready.

When you finish stuffing it, close the little gap by hand stitching it and voila! You have your tailors ham ❤

I hope you like it and that it helped you! See you soon! xoxo

Marija ❤

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