Hey friends ❤

So you want to try sewing? Yes, there are lot of tools out there that you could get, and if you continue sewing- you probably will. But for the beginning let’s stick to the basic that you will need all the time:

1. Seam ripper

This little tool will be your salvation and your misery. When you make a mistake, just push the pointy part into you seam and start ripping them. Be careful to not make a hole in fabric because they are sharper than you think.

2. Scissors

What many people don’t realize is that same scissors shouldn’t be used for paper, fabric and thread- it makes them blunt. Get yourself one small scissors for thread, one for paper and one for fabric. Nice addition (that I prefer) is roller cutter, it gives you smooth cut, especially around armholes, necklines and other circular parts.

3. Gauge ruler

This is essentially small ruler that is made to help you measuring seams, buttonholes, pleats… It has a little stopper that gives you perfect control when measuring small areas.

4. Chalk

Ever since I started using chalk pen (instead of regular chalk triangle or a circle) my life’s been easier. So I suggest to you spend this few dollars extra and skip all the breaking and irritation. They even come with a little sharpener it can always give you precise lines.

5. Lots and lots of pins

Personally, I use silk pins most of the time. They are thinner than the regular ones, but I guess it’s good to have both. The fabric will “tell you” which one to use.

I hope this helps, have fun sewing ❤ xoxo



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