FULL MOON DRESS (Vikisews Gloria)

Hey friends ❤

Few days ago I finished my beautiful Gloria dress by Vikisews Patterns, and today after several hours of trying to fix the end of the zipper (that for some reason started sticking out after a wash)- I finally gave up before completely destroying the fabric, and took Gloria for a well-deserved almond milk latte. My boyfriend came too 😉 And you know what? Although not perfect- it’s my favorite dress (well so far).

This gorgeous fabric is viscose challis from Minerva Crafts (this one). I was intentionally searching for colors that would remind me of the moonlight, since that was my inspiration for this project. Something dark, light and definitely feminine. If the full moon was a dress, it would be this one- can you see it?

The sewing was a bit challenging, mostly because the shirring technique was new to me. But after (more than) few trials and errors I finally figured it out and made it right. So except the zipper situation- I truly love how it turned out and I’m feeling beautiful in it! I totally recommend it!

P.S. If you are worried about instructions being in Russian- don’t be, there is sew along video on You Tube in English, click here to see it.

Have fun making it ❤ xoxo


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