So What Exactly Is Slow Fashion?

You probably seen this words everywhere lately, especially if you have Instagram account. Or perhaps you noticed it’s rebellious version #fuckfastfashion. So, what exactly does it mean?

Let’s begin by explaining what is fast fashion first. It refers to cheap clothes made quickly after new trends are released by big companies. The clothes that come and go fast. It’s usually the type that you wash once and throw it away. Also, since is made by the seasonal trends it means that it loses it’s value as soon as the season is over. Pollution, poor working conditions, consumerism and decline in custom-made craftsmanship is just few of the negative aspects of fast fashion.

But let’s focus on the positive, it’s opposition- slow fashion. It means clothes ethnically produced and made to last, to be worn again and again, you know- timeless. There is a reason why trench coat has been around for over 150 years (and still rockin’).

This doesn’t mean not to touch polyester ever again (although if that’s what you wish-great!). It simply means to be mindful of what you make or buy, asking yourself questions like: Am I’m going to wear this? Where I’m going to wear this? Can I see myself wearing it in years to come? Is it versatile enough? Can I pair it with more than one thing?  This may seem like a lot of questions to ask yourself before every purchase (especially if you are already standing in a line to pay). But when you do it few times, it’ll become a second nature to you. And you will be able to summarize all these questions into only one: Do I really want this?

So, you see friends? Slow fashion does not mean boring, or any kind of style in particular- just mindful. Quality over quantity.

Click here to see what are 10 timeless pieces always worth having.

See you soon ❤ xoxo


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