Debora Just Got Longer (Vikisews Дебора)

Hey friends ❤

Last week I made the loveliest blouse in newspaper print, Vikisews pattern Дебора (click here to see the full post). And since I already had the pattern out, I decided to make a dress out of it. You know, while I’m there. The fabric I used is cotton lace from Hobby Lobby(their site is under construction at the moment so I couldn’t find it). It’s not too transparent- you could totally wear it without bra under and no one would know 😉

I like how it turned out, it looks cute and it’s perfect for Vegas heat. But I think I’ll wear it like this few more times, while it’s summer and than shorten it into top. I feel like it’s going to look awesome with some high-waisted boyfriend jeans. Same shoes though… and the purse. Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

Have a beautiful Wednesday ❤ Xoxo


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