Vikisews Debora (Дебора)

I’ve been having a huuuge crush on Vikisews patterns. Yup, I said it. And not just one pattern (or five even!)- I’m talking about everything that they have: pants, dresses, coats, sportswear… You get it, EVERYTHING.

However, there is a catch (as there usually is- with things as perfect as this). Everything on their site is in Russian language, which makes the sewing process a bit challenging if you don’t speak russkiy. On the positive note, the instruction pictures are very self-explanatory so you can figure it out. Also, when you print them- make sure that your paper is in A4 format. You would be surprised how difficult is to get your hands on one of those, here in US.

Now… Debora ❤

When I saw this pattern on their site I was instantly in love. It’s an urge that only a seamstress on a mission can understand. I even knew what fabric I would use, cotton newspaper print from Hobby Lobby that I’ve been checking out for days. I couldn’t find it on their site but I found something similar here and here.

The sewing was delightful, it was easy and enjoyable. I choose size 40 (B:35″/89cm, W:24″/65cm, H:36″91cm) which was perfect in my bust and shoulder area, but I ended up taking an inch and a half from the waist and hip. I took it from the back- I just love that hourglass shape on the sides, I think it’s beautiful. Also, I got to be honest… I kinda screwed up the zipper so you know… That was the part of the reason too. Other than that everything went smoothly, I tried the blouse on at least thousand times before it was done, pinning the sleeves on just to see how it’s going to look with skirt, shorts, with different jewelry… I think we can all agree, that these moments take more time than the sewing itself! But it’s a vital part of the process.

Conclusion: O.M.G. This is my favorite garment ever! And I don’t just mean garment that I made- I mean any garment that I ever owned! I knew that puffed sleeves are popular this year, but I had no idea that they can be so pretty. I’m thrilled how it turned out! It’s cute, it’s beautiful, you can wear it with a lot of things and on many occasions. Would I make it again? HA! While I’m writing this, I already have my dress version of this pattern cut on the table- waiting to be started (stay tuned next week to see how that turned out). So, yes. You could say that I would recommend it.

Have you tried any of their patterns yet? And most importantly, do you own a pair of puffed sleeves? Let me know in a comment section bellow.

Thank you for being here ❤

xoxo Marija

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