McCall’s M7756 Jumpsuit

If I would pick a different title, the one that really represents this outfit- it would definitely be “Improvisation”.

After successfully choosing the wrong size, and of course cutting the fabric- I had one of THE most delicious sewing experiences of my life. Absolute joy of creation- the sun was just right, my coffee was creamy and instructions were easy to follow. So easy, that I almost finished the whole season of Once Upon A Time while sewing. Yup, one of those days ❤

So you can understand my frustration when I realized that the jumpsuit I was making, my joy and love, was double the size I needed. How? How did this happened and how did I realized that just now?! Well, to be honest I was suspecting it for a while (two episodes, at least)- but I didn’t pay too much attention since the style of it seemed loose. And who am I to question measurement authorities?

Luckily for me, I was in such a great mood the whole day, so decision to go back and fix it right away was easy to make. Other option was to (very angrily) rip it off my body and throw it in the closet- for, you know, the time when I feel like fixing stuff. Which is never.


First I removed one inch on each side of the bodice, carefully without touching the upper part since I was truly happy with how impeccable it was. I removed the same amount (2″) from the middle of the pants. Unfortunately, that was not nearly enough, so I made two darts in the back of the bodice- which allowed me to remove extra four inches on the side of the pants.

But how things are never as they should- the bodice and the pants were somehow not matching anymore- so I had to gather the pants in order to fit to the bodice. Not my proudest moment, but hey it’s not the worst either.

Oh yeah, the technical stuff… Pattern that I used is McCall’s M7756 and the fabric is challis from Hobby Lobby. Of course, it doesn’t exist on their site- so I found something similar here and here.

So, would I recommend it?

Yes, yes and another yes.

I really like the shape and the style of it, and if I payed more attention to the sizing chart- this would probably be the ultimate project. Alas, it is what it is. Still, this will be worn for sure ♥️

Now tell me, how often do You have to improvise?

Thank you for being here! Xoxo Marija

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