Sasha McCall’s M8036

I used to take pride in trying out new things. Always on the move, never sit still, God forbid I miss out on something- the world might actually end. But how I grew older, and comfort became much bigger priority- I stopped. I stopped trying out new things. After all, isn’t the best movie the one you’ve already seen?

That also became present in my sewing. I found myself with an explosion of (mostly) pink color and designs you could probably find in any store. No personal touch, no nothing. That saying “closet full of clothes-nothing to wear” suddenly became very clear. Why? Because I didn’t like almost anything. So I decided to change that, as I mentioned in my previous post- bring some coherence, try new things, find my personal style.

Why is this relevant?

Well, this dress is my first “new” thing.

This is McCall’s pattern called Sasha, and omg how cute is the name? You can get it here, check out the digital version if you are not in U.S. The pattern was surprisingly easy to make, instructions couldn’t be more simple and if you just pay attention on what you’re doing- you could easily go through the whole project without making a single mistake. Of course I made one, that’s why I’m saying 🙂

I chose size 12, but honestly it might be better if I did 10. The shoulders were too low (I fixed them), and I wouldn’t mind having the waist line little higher- although it’s not a big deal. Just have these thing on mind when you make it. Oh yeah, in the case it’s not obvious- I shortened it (7 inches).

The fabric is from Hobby Lobby, I couldn’t find it on their site- but found something similar here and here. Some kind of lightweight cotton, very soft and I really like it! Very beachy! The buttons are also from Hobby Lobby, I know you can’t really see them- but they are really pretty, these.

I really, really, really, really, really like this dress! It’s cute, it’s sassy, it’s retro but it’s modern! It’s perfect “new me” dress. I was repeating to my boyfriend all day today- “I feel sooo cute, omg I feel soo cute…”. And I do! I’m very happy with how it turned out! I would totally recommend it to anyone. And I will definitely make it again ❤

What do you think? Is this something out of your comfort zone? Or are you puffed sleeve professional? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for stopping in…

Love Marija ❤

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