Everything That Went Wrong With My DIY Slip Dress

I guess the easy thing to do- would be to say: “Omg I love the dress that I just made!”, take a thousand pictures of it (find few that are decent) and post about it. Yup, easy.
But at the beginning of this year I promised myself two things, first: I won’t be settling for less anymore. And second: I’ll keep my promises.
So with that being said, let’s butcher my craft and hopefully learn something from it!

Mistake no. 1

When draping the dress on my Alice (dress form), I forgot that her and I don’t have exactly the same proportions. After all, she is not carved out of someone who is 5″4′. So naturally her torso is longer and waist is a bit lower that mine. Which brings me to my second mistake…

Mistake no. 2

I didn’t try on the muslin… Yes your honor, guilty as charged. Why???? Well I was so excited with what I was doing, playing some music, dancing, creating- that there was no way I could make it wrong! After all it was just a slip dress! But if I took this 5 extra minutes to try it on before transferring it on the paper and cutting the fabric, I would realize that I made mistake no. 3.

Mistake no. 3

My front was wider than my back, which made very wrong, kinda pulled on the side, look of the dress. Like the seams are not sewn straight, and front and back are just fighting who will be visible on the side… I can’t say that I was fully unaware of that (because I was). But I didn’t think much of it…

Mistake no. 4

I didn’t pay too much attention on the hips and waist. After all, the star of the show was upper part- spaghetti straps and that gentle V cut. If I gave them an equal amount of thinking, it would be obvious that mistake no. 1 is made and that I have too little fabric around my hips, which (by default) gives an impression of too much fabric around the waist…

Mistake no. 5

Darts… At this point you may wonder- are you sure that sewing is right hobby for you? I know, but don’t worry there is not much more. So, you know how some garments are so beautifully flowy, that they don’t need darts? Nope, there is none. Everything has darts! It’s not the huge deal breaker for me, honestly- this is one of the “less important” mistakes. But I wish I did them, especially because it was going through my head while draping.

And finally, mistake no. 6

Last but not the least, the length. I have a simple comparison: If you don’t know what to wear the night before the big event- trust me when I tell you, you’ll have even less clue 15 minutes before you supposed to be there. The same is here, if I’m not sure what yo do with the hem before I cut the fabric, I’ll know even less when I’m limited with the amount I have left. Which resulted in me playing old-fashioned seamstress and cutting the fabric on the mannequin- not the best idea… ESPECIALLY when front and back are not the same width. Sacré bleu!

And before I wrap up this post, let me tell you things that I did like about this dress. I think that the shape of cleavage and the back are just stunning. I like how I made spaghetti straps, it took me a minute, but I’m happy with the result. And also, I like that the dress has a certain ease to it, simplicity- like it’s saying: “You can just put me on and have a great day!”

SO. The conclusion. Am I mad? Nooo! I had so much fun making it! As I mentioned, I was singing, dancing, watching Disney+ at some point. It was a true pleasure doing what I think I should (even if it’s wrong)- instead of following instructions.

Oh and btw, I’m planning to make it again (properly this time)- as soon as Hobby Lobby stocks up on it, I just came from the store, and they have less than a yard left… Classic.

Thank you so much for being here

Love Marija ❤

One thought on “Everything That Went Wrong With My DIY Slip Dress

  1. It looks amazing! You did a great job still! I have yet to self draft (though I’d like to) because I know it will be a lot of adjusting and a big learning experience, but you’ve inspired me!


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