Pagosa Pants & Blueprint

I came to realization that my wardrobe right now looks like it’s owned by Kevin from the movie Split- someone with split personality disorder. Some days I wonder did I really make that thing I worn yesterday?

I mean, it’s not really a surprise taking in consideration that on Sundays I wake up feeling like Coco Chanel and on Mondays like Sid Vicious.

But I decided to change that, to bring some coherence in to my life and my wardrobe. Of course, I won’t bother you with my life (unless you want me to ūüėĚ).

I started with thinking- what does the summer mean to me (in fashion sense)? It means: light fabrics, light colors, relatively simple designs and definitely stripes! So came up with my little summer collection starting with this Pagosa Pants.

Free pdf pattern and the tutorial were included in my Blueprint subscription. I’ve been their member (proudly) for few years now, and I’m really enjoying these new moments of free patterns and great teachers. Btw, Mimi G has a show there as well.

Pattern itself was suuupper easy to make (even without the tutorial) but it was a pleasure watching these two ladies making jokes while casually making the pants. Just beautiful. Also, I would like to mention the sizing- it was perfect! I chose size 4 and it was everything I could ask for… Well, fitting wise.

Now, star of the show- fabric. In these stripes I feel like I just left my yaht somewhere in the Mediterranean, and went for a brunch with my gorgeous dark hair lover. Everything is true except the yaht… And the Mediterranean- I live in a desert.

Nevertheless, I feel absolutely fantastic in it. It’s the softest lightweight cotton from Hobby Lobby- this one. I’m planning to buy a whole bolt and make my whole life in it. Someday…

Would I recommend it? Of course! I really like how it turned out and I worn it 3 times already (I made it four days ago!) If you can get the Blueprint subscription or at least 14 days free trial- it would be awesome! They have over 200 classes on sewing, pattern making, ideas… P.S. Nobody told me to promote them- I just really love them ‚̧

What do you think? Have you started with your summer sewing? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for being here

Marija ‚̧

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