Edie McCall’s (M8047)

It’s been a while since I got excited about a pattern. I would see mostly the same stuff everywhere. And most importantly, I’ve seen them all. So when McCall’s launched their Early Spring 2020 collection- it felt like a breath of fresh air. Modern, urban yet sexy and sophisticated. The one that I had instant crush on, was Edie M8047. Everything about it seemed perfect to me. And that’s how my search begins.

What search? Well search for the right fabric, of course. Once I figure what kind of fabric I need (read want), finding it becomes my single-minded obsession. So naturally, took me 2 weeks to find it, 2 weeks to receive it, 2 weeks to find time and courage to cut it and approximately 2 weeks to finish it… This pretty much answers the question: How long it took me to make it? Ridiculous.

The fabric that I used is this beautiful shinny interlock. It took me so long because I really wanted something that’s going to look like silk, be stretchy and not cost me a fortune- surprisingly tough combination to find. But this one is perfect! I couldn’t decide between this and this blue. I kinda wish I got them both…

Now, the pattern (Finally!). My original plan was to do a long-legged romper like the girl on the cover has. But just when I was trying the complete garment on, I realized that something horrible happened! Look:

I have no idea how I managed to do that. Luckily I had enough fabric just to (and excuse my French) cover my ass with this tiny shorts. It came up alright, but I really wanted long pants. Oh well.

As far as construction itself goes, it was pretty easy to make it. I chose size 10, and I skipped the elastic band parts- which I believe was “suggested” on two places: around the waist and on the bodice. I think I will go back and put it on the bodice, it’s a bit loose as you can see. Of course, once I finally find some elastic in this crazy times.

Other than these three thousand things- everything else went pretty smoothly!

I truly think this is a great pattern worth of trying out. I like it, and I am planning to make it again. I was thinking in some glittery fabric in time for the NYE and definitely long pants. So yes I would totally recommend it- just don’t skip the elastic s’il vous plait!

What do you think? Have you tried any of the new McCall’s patterns?

Thank you and see you soon


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