Bikini By SewSwimmingly

Swimsuit shopping is (in my opinion) living hell. Standing in a fitting-room, silently wishing that I did my carb-cutting on time. Or even worse- online shopping, absolute gamble… Anything could arrive. And trust me when I tell you, that “anything” did arrive.

Luckily, this summer I don’t have to go through all that. Because, this summer- I made my very own bikini!

The search for perfect pattern stopped the moment I saw Carmen from SewSwimmingly. It was everything I wanted: retro, cute and EASY. Yes I admit, I was searching for the easy style to make. The idea of making something complicated first time (and in that fabric)- was absurd. Last time when I had rendezvous with something similar was a total mess. I won’t bug you with details, but let’s just say that the fabric was sewing me and not the opposite.

So yes, back to the story…

The top and the bottom are unofficial couple, they are very similar in styles and they both come from the same store. You can purchase it separately here. Oh! I just realized that the bottoms name is Sabrina- now I love it even more!

The fabric was sent from God… or some higher force anyway. There is no way that I was just randomly thinking where to find red spandex when everything is closed- and than I find this! The only rolled piece of fabric left in Walmart! $4 for 2 yards! If you have Walmart near you- you know how the sewing section looks like since this madness started. Coincidence? I think not! Someone or something wanted me to make this red bikini… I know it!

Making it was a true pleasure. With perfectly explainable instructions, sewing was a smooth sail (on usually very stormy seas). I even watched Pirates Of The Caribbean- which probably explains my sudden sea references…

Would I change anything? Well, yes and no. I wouldn’t touch the shape of the top (or the bottom), just the sizing of the certain parts. Like: shoulder straps are too long for me, as well as the back strap. I mean, I could wear it- but there is no jumping in the pool for me. Also, bottom is a MAJOR step out of my comfort zone. I thought that thong wouldn’t be a problem (since everyone is wearing it these days)- but so it happens that it is. My plan is to make the second coverage option (already included with the pattern) and maybe even make it higher… I don’t know, maybe if I jut replace the thong I won’t feel that exposed…

Now, important stuff: Would I recommend it? Heck yeah! It’s a perfect beginners pattern and not just that- it’s perfect, period. I absolutely love it, and as soon as I finish this post I’m starting it again with the corrections mentioned above. So yes, that pretty much tells you all ❤

Have you started your summer sewing yet? And if not- what are you waiting?? I’m joooking, I know- we are waiting for fabric stores to open… Soon.

Thank you so much for stopping by

Love Marija

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