Ember Trousers By NH Patterns

Every once in a while, all sewers face an internal question: should I go back and fix the garment that I just made (which often means totally ripping it apart and starting again)? Ooorrr… Just leave it like that.

I know, it’s a tough call. And if you asked me few years ago, I would totally be like: aaaa it’s okaaay just put it in your closet and leave it there for the next decade. Luckily, that’s not me anymore.

But let me start from beginning…

The pattern that I used is called Ember by NH Patterns, you can get it here. In my opinion very easy to make, especially since it has only has 4 pattern pieces.

I got the fabric at Joanns, this one. And I won’t lie, working with it was pretty challenging. It’s very heavy and I guess slippery is the right word, because it was all over the place. The number of times fabric slipped of the table while me sewing is: 14… hundred. But don’t let me scare you, it looks beautiful and it feels amazing on the skin. The point is, it’s worth the trouble- just be prepared…

Once I made them, I realized that I don’t like the fit on me. Although a great idea in theory, in reality it looked too baggy on my petite body shape (Ha! I feel so grown up when I say “petite” instead of “short”) But yes, I wasn’t quite happy. So I decided to go back and remake them following my instinct.


Instead of using size 10 that I originally choose, I cut them is size 6 and removed even more by using 5/8″ seam allowance (instead of 1cm that was instructed). The waistband was originally 2″, I made it 1″. Also, I removed the pockets because at this point the pants were not that wide anymore and I didn’t want pockets to be that visible. Oh yeah, I shortened the length as well. And the result? Absolute fabulousness!

I am sooo happy with the result! I feel great wearing them- chic and stylish!

But what makes me happy the most, is realization that one size (or shape in this case) does not fit all. And instead of getting mad at myself and my craft for being like that- I shoud simply go back and ajust it to my own unique body. Because, after all, isn’t this the reason why we make our own clothes? Unique clothes for unique people.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for stopping by ❤

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