5 Tips To Get Your Sewing Mojo Back

Omg you guys… This subject is way too familiar to me. Being someone who’s “real” job is not, in any way, connected to sewing… The slightest shift in schedule could throw me of the course- not to mention something like the world-wide virus and the overall panic that is going on.
It can be stressful to even think about something so beautiful like creation when you don’t feel at ease.

But that’s exactly what we need, to create. To keep that energy going.
So that’s why I present to you 5 things to bring back your sewing mojo:

1. Don’t feel guilty

Okay, this I’m writing for you as much as I write for myself. Don’t feel guilty! It’s normal to step away a little bit from anything! Thank God! Imagine if we didn’t have that blessing (think about all the habbits you changed thanks to that) It’s fine! As long as you didn’t sell your sewing machine already- and even if you did, just go and get the new one. It’s all good. We all do that.

2. Makeover

Try giving you space a little makeover, it doesn’t have to cost you anything. I mean, you are DIY royalty- you got this. Just a simple change in colors, like, if everything is mostly pink- switch it to purple. Or if you are fan of interior design, learn more about styles and incorporate them into your space. Just in case you’re a fan of minimalistic-industrial style, you can see my full post about it here.

3. Watch something inspiring

There is a long list of things I like to watch to get my mojo back. The Dressmaker, beautiful movie I could (and I do!) watch a housand times. Project Runway show, omg yes. Whenever I see any episode- I instantly get the urge to draft something fabulous! Fantasy Tv show Once Upon A Time- yes, totally random BUT when you see business outfits of evil queen Regina… You’ll know what I’m talking about.

4. Social media

This one is like a sword with two blades. Seeing other people on Insta, thriving at the things you want to do, but for some reason you don’t- can be eather very motivating or totally devastating. So you have to see how you feel. If it’s the second one, stay away from it. There is no reason to feel crapy for anything. My suggestion is to check Pinterest for inspiration, it’s… less invading I think.

5. Make a cozy atmosphere

This one is (in my opinion) the most important one, and not just for this situation- but for every aspect of your life! Everything you can control should be cozy and enjoyable ❤ And it’s not that hard to achieve it, just lighting up a scented candle or soothing music can totally change the atmosphere. I have a full post just about cozy sewing, you can see it here.

Alright guys, that would be my top five ways to put you back in the mood for sewing. I hope you like it and that it will help you ❤

But before you go, tell me about your ways to do it? Share with me in the comments below.

Thank you so much for being here

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