Art Called: Luneville Embroidery

Ever since I was little girl, I remember being absolutely mesmerized by beautiful embroidery that was embellishing traditional Serbian vests, skirts, and aprons. It was three dimensional, it was gold, it was beautiful.

Later on in life, I would see similar shapes and dimensions in couture houses, such as: Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent… And that’s when my real interest in it began.

It took me years to just find out what was the name of it, not to say what the tools I need and how to do it. But since I finaaaaally found out, I decided to share that with you.

So, what is luneville embroidery?

Luneville embroidery is one of many terms for tambour embroidery. Name comes from French city Lunéville (Lorraine, France), town that was home to the many embroiderers in 18th century. Although the word tambour is much older (originated in India), I decided to use the term “luneville” since I am obsessed with everything that sounds french.

It’s basically a chain stitch, preformed with a fine hook (tambour hook) on a delicate cloth stretched over a frame. But you can do it on any fabric.

Tambour hook

What tools do you need?

  • Tambour hook (I got this one)
  • Frame with a stand (This one too)
  • Thread (any thread will do, I got some silver at Hobby Lobby)
  • Beads and sequins (I got this and this)
  • Tons of patience (This one is on the way… Still)

How to do it?

Since I’m in the process of learning myself, I am sending you to few tutorials that I am watching these days:


I am really excited with this new craft that I’m learning. I think it gives to any garment your personal touch and something unique. It’s creative and it’s fabulous.

I can’t wait to share with you something worth of showing ❤

Thank you for stopping by

Marija ❤

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