Simplicity 8889 (Mimi G Style)

Is it too late to present to you my Valentine’s Day outfit?

Yeah? I knew it… Oh well, in that case I present to you my Post-Valentine’s outfit! And more exclusively, The Shirt.

It all started with the fabric. Last year. Or maybe the one before- who counts them anyway? I discovered a website called Spoonfower. There you can upload any photo or print you like, choose the type of fabric you need, pay (unfortunately)- and voala! Two weeks later, you have the ultimate fabric. Just how you always wanted it!

But since the price is not your usual number that you pay online (it’s around $20 a yard, dependently what type you want) – I ordered 2 yards only. Thinking, that is surely enough for the long sleeve button up shirt… Ha Ha guys, Ha Ha. I didn’t know that reality is a bit different at that time. Now I do.

So I put it away in my closet, waiting. Waiting for somebody to invent the pattern that requires less than two yards of fabric for something that you usually need three or more.

You can imagine how happy I was, when I saw the back of the Simplicity 8889 envelope! 2 yards! Loud and clear. And yes, I am aware that this is not what I originally had on my mind. But guess what- it’s better even!

As you see, the shirt has longer back and cropped front, pretty little collar and hidden buttons. Super modern looking. And sewing? Sewing was the easiest experience ever. I just followed the instructions on Mimi G YouTube channel, you can see it here. Exactly what a person needs after few torturing projects.

I choose size 12, although the pattern recommended me 14 by my measurements. Good thing I stayed with my gut feeling, anything bigger would definitely be too baggy on me. And I don’t like baggy.

If you wonder about the skirt, I have the full post about it here.

Conclusion: Let’s just say that while I’m writing this post- my second version of this shirt is almost done! How about that as a conclusion! And don’t be surprised if you see me making it for the third time till summer!

So yes, I love it and I recommend it. I can’t wait to show you my second version with something “normal” like jeans or whatever “normal” people wear these days.

Thank you so much for stopping by and Happy Valentine’s… late. Next year I’ll be better with the timing, pinky promise.

Marija ❤

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