Runway Inspiration: Louis Vuitton

There are days when a creative person can feel very inspired from with in. But there are also days, when that same person needs a little outside help. Yes, that person is me- and the help is Louis Vuitton.

I find this collection absolutely amazing! Everything about it resonates with me. That feel of 19th century, so present in shapes: puff sleeves, peter pan collars and iris boutonnières. But also futuristic at the same time: purple and glossy leather, sequins and neon colors. Beautifully melted together.

I’m presenting you garments that left the biggest impression on me, with some ideas how to create it yourself.

The process of making puff sleeves is simple. But getting a vintage pattern that already has it- is even easier! There are dozens of them out there. Found this one here and here to be the most flattering. This one has both, the blouse and the vest. And for the pants, I would suggest this pattern.

This combination is… everything! The pattern that I’m working on right now is just perfect for it! It’s this one (check the view E). The vest would be this one and the pants this one.

Any wide collar shirt will be fabulous here, with some blazer. Such as this, just make it a bit longer.

I found this dress to match this look the most. And how about the shoes? I really like them.

This one has some similarities… Of course, you would have to mix materials (and add the belt!) to get similar vibe.

This coat is so special and so me- that I can’t even explain it to you! Any old pattern of a trench will work here. It’s the fabric that makes it special. I found this one to be the closest.

This dress is also the best found in vintage patterns, such as this one.

I’m enchanted with this look. The sensuality of the lace is just put together with that yellow… Mhm, that is how my ideal daytime clothes look like. I found this tunic to be the closest.

And last- but not the least. The skirt that could concur the world. That style is called tulip skirt. I found this one to be similar. But perhaps, the pattern drafting in this case would be the best choice. Gives you the chance to play and maybe even make something better!

There is few more looks that I would give a thought to- but I didn’t want to make this post 2 miles long. So I would suggest you to see the whole show yourself. So for now, I really hope you enjoyed and that you found some inspiration in it.

Thank you for stopping by

Марија ❤

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