Burda Style Wrap Dress 10/2015

This dress was in my plans since 2015. Yes guys… We are in 2020 now. I give new meaning to the word “slow-acting”.

Finally meet my new bestie Alga! She came from Burda Style magazine October 2015 edition. You can also get her here. Very feminine dress, I feel suuper girly when I wear it. On my 5’4- I choose size 38 and the fit was perfect.

Making it was a bit challenging. Tracing the lines of the pattern on the huge piece of paper (full of other patterns from the magazine) was difficult. Also, I had a tiny trouble with understanding the instructions. But easily solved with me reading it thousand times.

The fabric was the deal of a lifetime! I got it around New Year at Joann’s for $5 a yard! And if you ever been there- you know that doesn’t happen that often. But yes, it was love at first sight (this one). And working with it was fairly easy, I used my scary walking foot and a ball point needle. It was a bit slippery, especially when I put right sides together- but honestly, I expected muuuch worse so I won’t complain too much. Just have in mind when you work with it (or something similar) that laziness won’t do. Pins have to be present- all the time.

I didn’t put sleeves for two reasons. First: it has very sharp inserts that I didn’t have patience for, and mind you that was after work- 1 am. I guess anybody’s patience is very low at that time. And second: I figured, the warm weather is on our doorsteps anyways. Might as well leave it like that and wear it longer. As people say: I killed two birds with one stone. Of course, I would never hurt a bird. Just saying…

Conclusion: I am absolutely enchanted by this dress! I think it’s great for us, petite women. It’s cute and classy, and dependently on your choice of fabric- you can wear it everywhere.

Will I make it again? Totally! And will it have sleeves next time? Certainly! So stay tuned to see how that went through.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by ❤


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