Minimalist Sewing Spaces Ideas

Few days ago, my boyfriend and I went to Ikea to buy a new chair for my sewing room. Initially short visit, or how I said “We go in-we go out”, turned to be an hour and a half walk through two-story building and basically sitting on everything that seemed interesting. I came home that day inspired and full of ideas. And when you have that many ideas, the best way to sort them out is through…? Yes, Pinterest! Crafty women’s best friend.

Looking through all the photos of other people’s sewing areas, I realized that too colorful and cluttery-looking spaces are just not my cup of tea- I know, shocking! Listen, clothes is entirely different story. As a minimalist in disguise, my inner calm lies is in urban modern and industrial style with just a dash of pink. So here we are, the spaces that inspired me the most with resources and ideas how to achieve them.


This is studio from Han Starnes , you can see the full studio tour here. I won’t lie, this one is my favorite. Look at this clean lines, the wood, that rustic feel… Love it. I found this few pieces to look the most similar to the idea behind this picture: Ikea lamp, Target chairs and Froy table.


Omg, how cool is this one? I would say pretty cool! Simple and strong at the same time. The only difference that I would make here is change the floor rug to something more pastel and the black metal pieces to silver. I found this pieces as the most similar: Consumer Crafts rolling cart, Amazon wire wall panel, Target metal chair and Rug USA rug.


Yes, I know… This is the “gray area” of shabby chic. But the style is undeniable- so it had to be shown. This is Sumarokova Atelier and you can check it here. I found this Walmart mirror and Classroom essentials chair to represent it the best.


When I see this photo I just want to sew something. I don’t know what is is about it that inspires me so much. Is it the wooden floor, or maybe her calm focus on what she’s doing. Hopefully I look like that when I’m sewing. I found these: Rooms To Go chair and ACF chest to match the atmosphere the most.


And the last- but not the least. This one represents me the most. It’s easy, it’s simple, it has that industrial style but also the pastel touch to it. Sometimes in life you can’t really copy something, because there is not that much to it to be copied. It’s the vibe of it that make it special. But I found this WaiFair chair and this WaiFair robe rack just to try it.

That’s it guys. I really wanted to keep it simple- in the spirit of above mentioned minimalism. The truth is, the interior is not that important. It’s what happens in the space that matters. But if you have that under control… Well, you know what to do and where to get it.

Thank you so much for stopping by

Marija ❤

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