So pink… Simplicity 8389

Bonjour lovelies ❤ Okay, can we all pause for a second and inhale the fact that winter is approaching to it’s end? Maybe not everywhere with the same speed as it does in Las Vegas, but we are getting closer and closer to the spring. I’m already catching myself daydreaming about Vegas warmth and flowy fabric in bright colors…

So in that spirit, I present to you my new linen pants!

Oh how I love this pink! It’s full of positivity. Many people smiled to me today when I passed, and I’m sure it’s because of it… Or they just thought that I’m crazy… Either way- smiles were there. And that’s what matters!

To make the pants- I used Simplicity 8389.You can get it here. Incredibly easy pattern… once you make sense of the waistband, of course. But the good thing is once you figure it out- all your future problems get solved. The waistband does your taxes, grocery shopping… Would be great, though. But no. I meant, all other patterns that have something similar going in the waistband area will be so much more logical.

Also, this is my second make. The first one was too baggy so I had to make them again two sizes smaller. Have that in mind when you make them- no reason for going the size up! Especially if you are petite. So if you put both pants together, it took me about… 4 hours to make them. With coffee break and Sabrina show in the background.

The fabric is beautiful linen, I got it from and it’s this one. Funny story, I ordered it in coral instead of pink. So when I received this, I sent them an email thinking it must be a mistake. But they kindly told me that this is the correct color. Makes me think how bright is the one marked as pink than? But no harm is done, I really like it.

Just in the case you’re wondering, the top is also made by me. You can check the full post about it here.

Conclusion: I won’t lie to you when I say that I had something different on my mind when I started making this pattern. I didn’t know they will turn out like this. But again, I won’t lie to you either- when I say that I REALLY like them. Especially in this sporty combination.

You know, it’s easy to make something over the top- that you will rarely wear. But to make something comfortable and every day approachable… Well, that is success. At least for me.

Where are you with your makes? Are you still on the winter-mode? Or you’re like me? Sliding in to the spring fashion.

As always, thank you so much for being here ❤


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