Crazy-red vinyl skirt

Bonjour lovelies ❤ How is January treating you so far? Mine is going pretty awesome! So many ideas… Now the only thing I have to concur is the time, time to execute them all. But even that one is coming on it’s place… I can feel it!

This week I’m proudly showing you the brightest garment in my wardrobe. And trust me, that was not an easy conclusion to make- my wardrobe is pretty colorful.

This skirt is something I didn’t give too much thought to. I was home one day and I saw the fabric on my table. The picture of a skirt appeared in my head and that was it. I drafted a pattern pretty easily, and the fit was impeccable… at least with my test fabric, which didn’t have any stretch whatsoever. When I made my original skirt, I ended up taking inch and a half on each side (WHAT?!) Yes guys, smart me didn’t even bother to check how much stretch this vinyl has! And it has it quite a bit.

I got the fabric at Mood (this one), on my last trip to L.A. It’s 67% Polyester, 33% Polyurethane. Suuuper sleek and shiny, as you can see. Really nice, and very easy to work with- I sewn the skirt in one hour. It has facing and the invisible zipper at the back. I finished the hem with the glue… how crazy is that? Last two garment I made were actually glued! Check out my vinyl pants here.

I really like it, I will pair it with other colors and styles next time when I wear it- and surely it will look just as fabulous as this black combination. The only thing I would change would be size… I kinda wish I took just a tiiiiny bit more, so it’s more tight. But not a big deal, it’s still going to be worn many times.

I’m planning to show you how I drafted the skirt, combining styles of teaching I learned lately- so stay tuned for that.

Let me know in the comments how do you like it? Would you wear something this glossy?

Thank you for stopping by

Marija ❤

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