New Year’s pattern resolutions

Bonjour lovelieeess and Happy New Year ❤ Few days late though… I hope you had a fabulous NYE and that you entered this new decade feeling strong and beautiful. On my own surprise(and initiative) my boyfriend and I decided to stay in and treat ourselves a romantic dinner. And I’m so glad we did that, because we had an amazing time. Wine, music and dancing was just what the Dr.2020 ordered.

I decided to not make the usual NY resolutions, like: loose weight, stop hitting the snooze, eat healthier etc. But to focus on something more interesting… Sewing adventures!

So here we are my 2020 pattern resolutions:

1. Mimi G 8749

This is probably going to be the first thing that I’m going to make. I love the idea of a bit longer blazer worn on it’s own, maybe some belt, heels, hat of course… Heavenly! You can get the pattern here. And I have the perfect fabric too- black gabardine, this one.

2. Burda style B6366

Love, love, LOVE this one. So cozy and simple, yet chic and versatile. I can see myself wearing it with jeans, skirt or yoga pants. Not sure about fabric choice yet… It’s definitely going to be some kind sweater knit, I just need to find right one. Any ideas?

3. Vikisews Ivanna dress (Иванна)

When it comes to Russian pattern companies, my favorite is Vikkisews. They are full of beautiful dresses, pants and coats for women, and very European looking. Can’t say which one is my favorite(because I love them all) but on the top of my head I have this Ivana dress. The only downside is that all the instructions are in Russian, so you have to know how to sew already or to be good at figuring out instructions from photos attached…. I’m waiting the day they decide to make English versions as well.

4. EvileaLuveDiy Mighty Sports Bra

I am OBSESSED with this pattern! I spent hours, HOURS just looking at it, thinking, imagining my greatest workouts in it. Than choosing the colors, prints… You can get it from Etsy here, or you can check out her site here.

5. Brunch in Paris Cowl Dress

This beautiful dress was one of the first things I ever made. It was made all wrong back then, but I’m sue that the problem was on my side-lack of experience. Decided to try it ones more, and give my wardrobe a new mining of feminine. I would make few changes though, shortened it and choose some graphic print for it… Like newspaper print, I love this one. You can download this beauty for free here.


Adorable, I love the simplicity of it. Easiness: just woke up, wrapped it around my waist, had my coffee and left the house to concur the world. And the fabric that she has is perfect, I would maybe make it in leather as well. You can download it from here.

7. French Poetry Etoile dress

Omg. Everything about this pattern resonates with me. The name of the company, the style of it, the colors… As you probably noticed already, I love french language and culture in general. So when I saw this dress, and than realized it was a sewing pattern( I saw it on Instagram), and than I saw the company was called French Poetry… That was it. I was in love. This is going to be the first thing I will make as soon as temperature goes little up! You can get it here, and don’t forget to check her Instagram account here.

8. Burda Style Satin Boiler Suit 121

Great potential guys, great potential… Imagine it with heels, than sneakers, and than with flats- you see? Goes perfect with everything. This blue color is not my cup of tea, but some dusty pink would do perfect! You can download it here.

9. Named Helga Wrap Playsuit

This playsuit will walk through beaches of Los Angeles, with boater hat and strappy sandals… Can you see it? I really get that vibe from it, and when I look at it I can’t wait for summer to come. You can find it here.

10. Tilly And The Buttons ARIELLE SKIRT

Last but not the least. The pattern that is universal. Any time of the year, any fabric you like. Any body shape. I’m planning to make it the same yellow- but leather. And also in dark denim… In winter I will wear it with boots, and oversized sweater. In summer with crop top and sandals. You can get it here.

That’s that guys. I have like 7,000 more patterns that I would like to try… but I can’t fit them all in one post. What is on your list? And what do you think about mine? Tell me in the comments.

Thank you for stopping by

Marija ❤

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