Simplicity 8138 & the Leather trend

Bonjour lovelies ❤

Have you ever had that feeling, that the trends are reading your thoughts? Like, you are thinking about leather… sorry, pleather pants and Boom! Balenciaga has it, Chanel has it, Fendi has it…

Truth, their clothes are not as glossy as what I made… except Fendi yellow coat maybe. And their is actual leather. But still, trend is the trend. Maybe I’m fashion psychic! And have you been lately to Zara? It’s like pleather bomb exploded there.

Anyways, these pants are probably the coolest garment I made so far. Of course I do understand that this fabric is not everybody cup of tea… or better say whip across the butt (hahaha), I even heard the phrase:”That looks like a trash bag.” and there are some similarities, I admit. But guess what, I like it!

The pattern that I used is Simplicity 8138 view D. Adorable pattern guys. I had it for ages, never noticing the pants on it. I was too mesmerized by beautiful tunics presented so flowy and innocent… Like Greek goddess or something. I’m soooo making it next summer. The reason why I choose this pants, is because pattern is simple. And when it comes to working with this kind of fabric, for the first time at least, you want to go simple. Not too many chances to screw it up.

The fabric that I used is 76% polyester, 16% polyethylene and 8% spandex from Hobby Lobby, this one. I’ts very glossy as you can see and it has a lot of stretch to it- which makes it very good for tighter clothes as well. I found something similar here and here. The only downside to it is that the washing is dry clean only. I mean, it definitely sounded better than the “wet cloth only” that I saw on most of the places. It is a hustle, but I don’t plan wearing this all the time so I guess it’s not that bad…

To make them, I used: (well obviously) sewing machine, walking foot, fabric glue this one, bunch of wooden clips. Sewing machine needles, on the other hand, gave me headache like nothing else. I literally tried them all. Just to come to conclusion- that gluing seam allowances to one side is the best option. Otherwise, the seams are going to bulk. When I tried to top stitch, it would rip the top layer of fabric. So I would see little white holes… not sexy at all. I did order this set of needles for my next glossy project, I’ll see how it will work and report it back.

Oh yeah, in case that you don’t have clips-just use bobby pins. You’re welcome.

So this is it guys, my fabulous pants! Anyone who knows me- knows how much I wanted them from this fabric. Don’t believe me? Check out my old post here, where I write all about it.

I am truly happy with how they turned out. I feel strong and fashionable when I wear them, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the glossiness, maybe I was born with it or maybe it’s maybelineee … just joking.

What do you think about them? Could you wear something like this? And do you have any suggestions for the choice of needles-do you know something that I don’t?

Thank you so much for stopping by

Марија ❤

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