30-minute skirt

Bonjour lovelies

I remember some years ago, my friend Ana came from a going-away-party with an interesting story. She told me that the girl, who was moving to Malta later that night, decided that she needs a new skirt for her ride on a plane. She explained me how the girl found the fabric somewhere in her closet, cut it on the table where the drinks were, and sewn it while bunch of people drank and had fun. When she finished, she said: “Okay, now I can go!”-and she did.

That was in Serbia, almost ten years ago. And that story stayed in my head as the coolest reason for being able to make your own clothes. If you ask me, that girl left the building in great style.

Why is this story relevant? Well, now I figured out how to do the same. Nooo… not move to Malta, but be able to say: “Hm… I need something for the dinner thing in one hour- I’ll just make it.” So here we are, the 30-minute skirt:

There is a catch though. You will make this skirt according to the skirt you already own. It can be the one you made yourself, or the store-bought. You know which one… The one that hugs your hips just right and make you look bomb.com! We all have at least one skirt like that. Check out another version of the same skirt here.

So let’s make it! You will need:

  1. Favorite skirt

2. Knit fabric-one yard or so, depending how long would you like it to be. I used this one from Joann

3. Matching thread for regular machine and couple more for serger (optional)

4. Pen, paper and ruler

Put the skirt on the piece of paper and trace it. You can focus on one side only, since the fabric is on fold.

Or you can do it like me, fold the paper and trace both sides. This is the base. Take another piece of paper and separate the parts.

Apologies for my misspelling of “favorite” on the paper.

Anyway, double the waist band, since it’s going to be on fold. And also place the slit at the back, make it as long and as wide as you wish. I made it 7.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. You may notice that I didn’t add any seam allowances, that’s because I sewn my skirt with serger and I didn’t really need any. But if you feel more comfortable with seam allowance- you know what to do(add it). Also, the reason I didn’t add hem allowance is because I forgot. So just add 1 or 2 inches to that.

Place the paper on the fabric and cut it.

First, connect the center back and sew the slit. And for the love of God- try to make the straight line… Not like mine. I hate the walking foot- that’s all I can tell you.

Than, with right sides facing, connect the front and the back side seams.

Sew the waistband, right sides facing.

Turn it, wrong side facing. And hand baste it so it stays like that.

Pin the waistband to the skirt, raw edge on raw edge. Matching the center back to center back seam on waist band. Than sew it together.

Try on the skirt, check the length. Finish the hem as you wish.

I choose the double needle. It gave me the cleanest finish so far.

And VOILAAAA! The skirt is done! Now, the only thing left to do is to put it on and take it to the test drive.

I am very pleased with how it turned out. And as you can see it’s not hard at all. Of course there are many ways to make the skirt, some are more simple- some are more complicated. For me, this came up through my logic and knowledge so far. But I do wonder what would you do? How would you make it?

Thank you so much for stopping by and coming this far