Simplicity 1283 & 30-minute skirt

Bonjour my friends ❤

I hope you’re all having a fabulous and creative holiday season.

Lemme tell you something, for someone who’s favorite color isn’t pink-I’m bringing quite lot of it to the table… Today I’m showing up with one of my favorite things to wear, a knit crop top and a matching skirt. It’s simple, versatile and incredibly comfortable. Really, you can wear it with anything: snickers, stilettos or martens. And also any time of the day(or night), with the right choice of accessories you can transform this look from brunch with your friends to Saturday night out. You can play with materials and prints, mix and match them… What I’m really trying to say: make yourself something like this-and you can concur the world!

For the top, I used Simplicity 1283 pattern by Mimi G. You can find it here . If you ever worked with this pattern, you will notice that it looks slightly different than the one on me. That is because I made few corrections to it. I removed the middle front seam and the zipper on the back. I didn’t like how it looked on the top that I made just before this one. I was playing with sizes, used them all: size 6 at the waist, size 10 in shoulders, size 12 in bust area. And I also added 1 inch extra at the hem, so I could play with finishes.

The fabric is fabulous knit from Walmart, one of their new deals: 4 yards for 4 dollars. Helloooo it can not get better than that! I found something similar here and here. I did the whole outfit with a serger machine- Singer Stylist Serger. I just couldn’t bother myself with the walking foot anymore… I think that us two could use a little break, we got to that point in our relationship… She doesn’t listens to me at all.

The skirt took me 30 minutes total to finish it! And since it needs less than a yard to make it- I’m planning to sew few more from the knit leftovers that I have. Stay tuned for complete tutorial how to make it later this week.

And just in the case that you wonder, boots are Zara and you can get them here.

You know how sometimes you make something that is, well… not that well made-but you put it in your wardrobe because you spent 2 days making it, and $15 a yard at Jo-Ann’s. Well… today is NOT that day! I am absolutely in love with this outfit. It looks and feels perfect. And this will surely be worn many, many times and on many, many occasions.

What do you think? And what is Your favorite piece of clothing?

Thank you for stopping by

❤ Марија

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