How to be more sewist-minimalist?

Bonjour my friends ❤

I hope you are all having the loveliest day of them all! I am very glad that you are also interested in this subject- minimalism. It is something that I am very passionate about, but I wouldn’t go that far (or even near) and say I am an absolute expert- that I completely embraced minimalism in my life and that I got rid of all the unnecessities. No, BUT I understand the basics of it, and I was always naturally drown towards it. I remember thinking when I heard of it for the first time: ” Yes, that sounds so logical!”

I also remember having this awkward moments when I was very young, when I would collect too many … “memories”(trash), I would feel like it’s suffocating me. I would make major cleanings of my life every so often, that would include diaries, drawings, notebooks, toys, clothes… Later it became makeup, old tech, books, negative feelings… You get the point.

You probably think that I’m going to sit here and write you all about what minimalist should wear, what kind of fabric should you use how often should be made.
And there, my friend, you are wrong.

It’s not mine to tell anybody these things-that’s the matter of personal taste. You will not be less minimalist if you have in your closet other colors than black white and beige.
Although, if these 3 colors are your choice- you should embrace it and celebrate it by all means.
But no, I will not tell you what to make as a minimalist, but HOW to make it more as minimalist.

1. It starts with the space…

Is she really going to tell us how to organize our space?!
Well, sometimes it’s good to be remanded.
So, what do you NEED in your sewing corner/room/space? Think about it for a second. You need table, ok. You need machine or two, you need some scissors(or two), thread preferably, you definitely need a ruler, maybe some chalk and fabric. Oh yeah and seam ripper, hopefully you won’t need it but let’s stay real.

Now… look what you have there right now.

Exactly! If you are anything like me sometimes, you probably have bunch of other things that you don’t use that often(or not use at all).

Remove everything from your space and clean it up. Than, start returning only the things that you need all the time. Everything else store in designated storage area(closet/box/drawer/etc.) Take it out only when the project requires it, after which you will return it again in designated area. Easy.

Example: French curve ruler is something that you use(most likely)for pattern making only. So when you are not doing that-there is no reason for it to be out. Or… that cute little glue gun that you used last time 6 months ago.

2. Stash it away…

When I first started sewing, I noticed that a lot of experienced sewists that I followed, had that big stash of fabric that they were buying through the life, stashing and than using on some random projects(sometimes even years later).

At the first glance it sounded a little cluttering to me, it sounded like a job on its own. Finding the fabrics that you like to purchase, spending money, then storing it on a certain place in your house, where it’s going to stay safe until the next opportunity.

God forbid, we had to move somewhere- the fabrics would drive my boyfriend’s car, since somehow they got the life of their own in these kind of stories 🙂

I don’t know, it just seemed way too much.
But than… I blinked few more times… and then I thought: That is how it’s supposed to be! Indeed, creative people are like that- we are like that! And we like to have a lot of stuff in the area that we are creative… Completely ignoring my first instincts to just go with a flow. It took me a while and even going away from sewing to realize that, that is not necessarily true.
Now, I buy fabric only when I have a specific project on my mind- and most of the times just before I start it. There is no browsing the stores for me anymore. I buy what I need- when I need it. Simple.

Now, before anyone jumps at me for saying something about The Holly Stash- hear me out. I’m not saying to not buy another yard until you “deserve” it, with using all the yards you have. Or that stashing is wrong on any way. No no no. But if the piles of materials irritate you or making you nervous on anyway- you don’t have to collect it. You can simply use what you have, and than start fresh. Also, think about the ways your imagination can actually stretch with limited fabric selection!

There are many other ways to declutter your life as a sewist, like: give/throw anything you don’t use, or keep it simple… But I will stop at these two. Mostly because I am fully aware that when a crafty person say: “Oh, maybe I’ll need it” – we will actually need it! Like that little glue gun, I bought it 3 years ago, and I used it 3 times. But each time necessity for it was crucial! I would have to buy it again and again, and with that make more clutter… well, in the world. So you see, there is other side to every story.

What are your ways to keep it minimal?

Марија ❤

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