Sew It Academy Gym Gear

Bonjour my friends!

Today I would like to tell you about one jargon word in Serbian, probably the only one that can explain how I feel in this outfit. It’s the word Šmeksi (shmeksy). Almost untranslatable, it’s more of a feeling that you have for someone or something. It would be a combination of cool, unique, sporty and bad-ass….

Now let me tell you the story behind this outfit. Last weekend I went to L.A. to run a marathon. And before anybody gets excited or wowed about that-let me stop you right away. Because not just that I finished last one- I got lost in the woods! I’m laughing really loud while just writing about this! But it’s the truth! I did get lost!

Luckily for me, winning wasn’t my agenda anyway. I mean, it would be hard to expect that-when I didn’t even prepare for it! Several birthday parties(including my own) was enough to leave the daily runs for tomorrow. And we all know that tomorrow never comes…

Anyway! I wanted to collect much needed inspiration for healthier lifestyle. And guess what? I got it! Seeing so many prepared people there, made me feel more motivated. And what does a girl need when going back to gym? You are right, new outfit!

Both, leggings and T-shirt, were designed through Sew It Academy– class 4 to be precise. I am particularly happy with the T-shirt. It’s so versatile and great as a base for other project, like the wrap dress that I recently made here or the sportier version of it here. The fabric that I used is very fine cotton knit from Hobby Lobby. I couldn’t find the same one on their site, but this was very similar and my second choice.

Now… about the leggings. I almost through them away. For some reason the fit was just sooo wrong over and over again. I was sewing, ripping, trying, sewing, ripping, trying and still they were not standing quite right! And to think that I told my Love: “Just give me 15 min to finish this..” HA! How crazy is that something so simple would take so much time? At the end I was finally happy with how they fit, although it’s still not the best. But hey! I had the the store-bought leggings that had the same issue so… If that is any consolation… The fabric is also from Hobby Lobby, some kind of leggings knit, I would say polyester. It looks very futuristic if you ask me.

I am overall happy with the both garments, and with my newly found motivation for the gym of course. I will not let this leggings break me though, next time I’m coming with the iron patience and more fabric to play with. What is the hardest fabric for you to work with?

Thank you for stopping by

Марија ❤