Desperate Housewife look

Bonjour my friends!

Do you remember that TV show Desperate Housewives that was going on some years back? I never watched it rigorously, like-I didn’t watch all seasons. And if you ask me what was the show about, who was with who there, and why?-I couldn’t answer you on that one either.

And now you could ask: Than why does this girl talk about something that she knows absolutely nothing about here? Well, I do remember Eva Longoria and her outfits- and that is enough, since that was the only reason I was watching that show anyway. I was waiting to see every episode what is she going to wear. And right there and than I made a strong connection between floral pencil skirts and ultimate luxury. Something like, I don’t have to be anywhere since I can’t move in it anyway- you know what I mean?

And I hope you don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t think that all stay-at-home moms or housewives should look or act like that, and if some of them do-that’s perfectly fine too. But no, this is just my imagination playing with association and inspiration (haha I made a rhyme even)for a garment-based on the character of the TV show that I saw when I was teenage girl in Serbia. I just wanted to put that out there, I would hate if someone would get offended in way ❤

So yes! Back at my floral beauty:

I made the skirt with the help of Sew it Academy. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow- as they usually are. This skirt has two darts in the front and four in the back, which gives me beautiful illusion of having curves. Ahhhh… don’t you just love sewing for that? It has the back slit as well.

I made the sloper for this skirt in less than 20 minutes, and cutting and sewing all together took me few hours- which is great. This was one of those projects, so easy that I was able to watch my favorite TV show while sewing. So very beginner-friendly!

The fabric is some kind of cotton denim that I got at Hobby Lobby, and I must admit that it doesn’t have any stretch in it- which makes it a bit hard to wear on the fuller days than the one you made it 🙂

I am happy with my “Desperate Housewives” look . I like how it stands on my body and the effect together with just about any top I have in my closet. Literally, I tried it with T-shirt, with crop top, camisole (as you can see here), tank… I mean, you name it-and this skirt will go fabulous with it.

I see my self drinking martinis in this skirt, while playing poker and entertaining my guests at my villa and casually wearing pearls… “Ok, now you’re going to far.”

As always, thank you for stopping by

Марија ❤

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