Tutorial: Leopard wrap dress

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meee… ❤

Today I’m turning 28, but if you would ask my dad- he would tell you that I was 28 whole last year and that officially I’m entering age of 29… Which in some way has some logic to it, but unfortunately that would mean that I am adding a year to myself totally unnecessarily. And we all know how us women feel about that delicate subject.

Few months ago I decided that I am going to construct and sew my birthday dress. I knew it would be a wrap dress, and that it would be in animal print- and guess what? I made it just like that.

The process of constructing was pretty easy if you ever sewn a wrap dress, which I have. It was New Look 6581 pattern. Unfortunately, pattern wasn’t working for me. Not sure where was I wrong with sewing, the front part was just opened- I had to constantly pull it so my breasts stay covered when I would wear it. But the pattern itself looked so simple and easy, so I decided to make the same dress with my own measurements.

I used the simple T-shirt pattern, that I made with sew it academy, as my sloper. You can copy your favorite shirt if you don’t have any pattern on ya’.

The fabric is cotton knit with almost woven feel to it, perfect for chilly nights that are on our way. I got it at Hobby Lobby(this), but I found something similar here and perhaps here.

First, I prolonged the pattern to a dress lenght. Than, I marked where my waist is, and with a straight line connected the shoulder and waist. I cut it and checked if I like that opening… I did.

I changed the look of the back neck opening so it matches the front.

I made the front and back facing, by measuring 2 inches on the front opening and on the back neck. Don’t forget to fuse it.

All that was left to do after that, was to prolong the sleeve and make the waist band. Mine is 1 inch (plus the 5/8 of an inch on three sides of it).

The sewing is easy. After connecting shoulders, I added sleeves and closed the sides. I left 1 inch opened on the waist on just one side-so the waist band of the overlapped front part can go through it. I connected front and back facings. Than, I sewed the waist band to the corners and connected facings with the openings on the usual way. After that, I finished the hem and the sleeves, and than only thing left to do was to try it on with seven different shoes and purses, pick one- and look fabulous!

Me and Mr. duck decided to go separate directions, myself on a dinner and him to the other side of pool.

I am so proud of myself. I think the dress turned out beautifully, and this is definitely going to be worn again and again… Also, this is a proof for me- that you don’t have to be a professional in order to execute something amazing. I mean, who knows- today is a wrap dress, tomorrow it will be a ball gown or something equally complicated.

As always, thank you for stopping by

Марија ❤

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