New Look 6378 and T-shirt dress

I was blue ’till I found you…

Bonjour my friends 💙

I present to yoooou my new outfit!

I am very happy how this two pieces look together, especially because that happened totally accidentally. I was looking at the nearly done T-shirt dress, when I thought: ” Wait a second! I’ve seen this blue already!” I quickly ran into my closet, dug out kimono, introduced them to each other and… they’ve been together ever since… A true fashion love story.

And than the hat came.

I made the kimono by using New Look S0805. A super easy pattern that you can’t mess up really. I mean, maybe you can- but it’s easy not to… let’s just leave it like that.

The fabric that I used, I got in Joann store here in Vegas. It’s a very lightweight crinkle rayon with a gorgeous print, such bright and clean colors- I absolutely love it. You can still get it online here. And if I would make it again I would definitely use this.

I added bell fringe trim in order to look a bit more bohemian. One more awesome thing is that the whole process of making it- took me just more than an hour!

Dress, on the other hand, I drafted myself according to my measurements- I was following the instructions of Mimi G at Sew It Academy. And I can tell you honestly, that it is such a refreshment to be able to wear something that fits me in my shoulders and hips at the SAME TIME!

The fabric that I used is from Walmart. They started selling 5 yards of fabric for 5 dollars- isn’t that crazy?! I got few of them, thinking- oh well, even if it isn’t good it’s only 5 bucks. And guess what- it’s not bad at all!

I’m really enjoying this outfit. And that proofs the fact that I worn it already few times on different occasions, I was just changing the shoes and purses.

What do you think?

Thank you for stipping by ❤


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