Sewing fall bucket list

Yeeeeeeyyy! Happy Fall Y’all!

Today is officaly the first day of fall! And if you haven’t already noticed by the first paragraph, I am obsessed with this season. There is something magical happening now, the weather is getting cooler, leafs are changing colors and of course-pumpkin spice in everything ❤

It also means switching the sewing game, from light weight dresses and shorts- to heavier weight materials, pants, coats and so on… And I love it all!

But, since I get overwhelmed every time with all my ideas, I decided to start making bucket lists. As vivid and colorful as they can be, so I don’t strain from the path and start making God-knows-what or even worse, end up with half-finished projects(and boy, do I hate those).

So voilaaaa, my first sewing Fall bucket list:

Sew it academy A line pleather skirt

I already spoke about sew it academy, and I realized something- the pattern making just makes me happy. One of the first self-drafting projects there is A line skirt, and to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of it… At least not in “regular” fabric!

Now we’re talking A line! I adore this fabric, give me some red vinyl and I will concur the world! I am still in a search for a suitable type for this project. Most of the places have the ones that require dry cleaning, and that is too much of a hustle for a skirt. This one looks good, and also this one. What do you think? I can’t wait to start.

Mccalls m7936

This pattern proves that simple doesn’t mean boring. It is, bottom line, the easiest pattern I ever made! And incredibly beautiful!

I’m craving one more of it in some olive green, or some sandy colors. The best part is, that is soo versatile: you can wear it with high heels, sneakers, or flip flops and you will always look well-put.

Classic trench coat

Ok, this is going to sound funny to you.. But ever since I was a little girl, and I saw 101 Dalmatians cartoon, that scene when Roger and Anita are taking Pongo and Perdita for a walk, they are both wearing trench coats- since THAN I’ve been wanting one! And I did have few since than, but never that classic shape and color, that beige with epaulettes , back yoke, gun flap… you know THE trench coat.

And of course, vinyl is ALWAYS an option! Not sure yet about the pattern, although I think I saw on sew it academy class where I make my own… so that is still to be discovered…

Suit in crazy color

Not sure why I wrote “crazy”, but what I meant was anything other than black/gray/white/navy blue.

How amazing is this?! And I know… it is just a bit too much… BUT life is too short to wear boring clothes so here you go! If I ever get remembered by something- let it be as that lady with crazy suits ❤


Ok, so this technically isn’t sewing- it’s knitting. But in my eyes sewing and knitting are like sisters in diy family… So forgive me for mentioning it, but I had to. I want to be so good at knitting that I can watch movie and be able to do it nicely… Wait, is that even possible?

To be honest, out of all ideas from this bucket list-this one is the most intimidating… Since my knowledge about knitting is very limited. I’m not sure how much time it takes to make something like this or how to make it for that matter. So I will not be mad at my self if I don’t make it utill… I have no idea when 🙂

Silk camisol

This is the classic and a staple in every woman wardrobe. Something that you can wear with almost everything and to every occasion… except the gym maybe…

I want them in all shapes and colors! I would also like for them to be made from 100% silk, or at least few of them. I am a fan of silk- I love how it feels on the skin, how it looks, everything about it. I’m looking at this one and this one. And I know they are little pricey but think about it, you realistically need only one yard per camisol. And If you would go out and buy the same thing with same fiber content it would be much more expensive… At least, this is how I’m justifying the price in my head. For the pattern I was thinking maybe this one from true bias. As I understood this is one of the most famous ones. It would be rude of me not to try it too.

This is it my friends! Actually this is not it, but I had to shorten it and be little more realistic. And if by any chance I make all this and few more things I had on my mind-well I’ll be first to welcome it.

Thank you for stopping by

Марија ❤

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