So I joined Sew It Academy …

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I joined Mimi G’s online sewing school.

I decided that I want to refine my skills by learning everything from the beginning, and learning it with a structure. The lack of system was what mostly troubled me so far- having all this ideas that were all over the place. Like: Oh but I want a coat, no no I need a pair of pants, oh but wait how about this and that. Also, I hate being limited on commercial patterns and their lack of fit on my body- I want to make my own designs!

I remember joining Sew It Academy for the first time long time ago, when Mimi G just launched it. At that time the classes were spread monthly, meaning: you could only get a class or two a month. Which was a huge no no for me. I couldn’t wait so long to actually make a garment, especially because I already knew few things about the subject, so to say.

Luckily, that has been changed, now I can learn at my own pace. Some weeks I go through few classes and other I barely manage one class(if that even); some classes I skip and than come back… You get it, there is a lot of flexibility now.

Anyway! This is my first project, my first self-drafted pattern!

I won’t go in too many details on how I made it, but I can tell you that is suuuuper easy. And that it took me only one afternoon. Around lunch time on my day off, i decided that I am going to make myself something beautiful for that evening( it was a date night for me and my Love). Needles to say that, not only I finished it- but this was my second try! The first one was a terrible choice of fabric for this garment. Luckily, I purchased this lovely cotton poplin at Mood Fabrics on my last visit to L.A. Just in the case that you like it, its this one.

I love everything about this fabric! The color, the texture, the flow, easiness of working with it… even the name was so appealing to me “Les Femmes En Pois”( The women in polka dots)-yes, but how did they know that I love french so much!

Just in the case that you didn’t notice already- this is a two-peace, a skirt and a top.

So… the conclusion is that I am very happy with my decision to join such a wonderful online school as Sew It Academy. I will continue to learn and upgrade my sewing skills, and make sure I will be back with some more photos here! I am also enchanted by this fabric, and I am planning to order more of it… Perhaps a different print though.

Thank you for stopping by ❤


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